6.2    TILES



6.11  TILE POINTS:  Tile points are the currency of the game. Economic, research, production, diplomatic and political activities require the expenditure of resources, which are measured by tile points. The number of tile points, or their equivalent activity counters, which are required for specific activities are indicated in the rules dealing with those activities.

6.12  DEFICIT SPENDING PROHIBITED:  A major power may only spend tile points that it has available. Voluntary deficit spending is prohibited. This does not prevent a major power from intentionally spending tile points rather than saving them to cover impending deficits from secret negative support events, although such deficits reduce that major power’s support level in the following turn (10.41C).

6.2  TILES:

6.21  Tile points are represented by tiles. There are 30 tiles of each of three denominations (1, 2 and 3).

6.22  At the start of the game, 60 tiles (20 tiles of each denomination) are placed face up in an area accessible to all players. The other 30 tiles are placed face down.

6.23  Tiles are drawn as required and returned to the pool of tiles, face up, when played.

6.24  Once there are fewer than ten face down tiles remaining, another 15 tiles (five tiles of each denomination) are turned faced down, so that the players always have enough inverted tiles from which to draw.

6.25  Tiles are drawn from the face up tile pool in the following order: Germany, Italy, Britain, France and Russia.

6.26  Players may draw any denomination of tiles they wish, but may draw no more than three one-denomination tiles.

6.27  In the course of play, players may make change for tiles by using a higher denomination tile for a lesser expense and drawing a tile from the face up tiles to make up the difference. Similarly, a player may consolidate lower denomination tiles into higher denomination tiles at any time.

If all players agree, tile draws may be determined by die rolls or some other random means, rather than drawing from the pool of unused tiles. This is especially convenient when playing Gathering Storm electronically.


6.31  The number and value of the tiles held by each major power are not secret, and are open to other players as play progresses.

6.32 At the start of the game, no major powers have tiles.

6.33  A maximum of 21 tile points may be carried over into the next turn.

6.34 Tile racks are not included with the game, but may be created or borrowed from other games if the players wish, subject to the proviso that players must inform their opponents of the value of their tiles on request, in accordance with rule 6.31.