Rules Introduction

The Gathering Storm rules are available in three different formats. This is because different people have different personal preferences and because each format has its own strengh.

Updates: Gathering Storm, like A World at War and many other GMT games, adopts a “living rules” approach – where the rules can be improved from player input, they will be. The plan for Gathering Storm is to post updated rules on this website on June 30 of each year, and possibly on December 31 of each year if there are enough revisions to justify updates twice a year.

The updates for June 30, 2015 consist mainly of a handful of typos or inconsistencies missed in final proofing. These do not affect the play of the game and do not justify reprinting the rules.

The only substantive changes, that actually affect play, are found in the rules for the transition from Gathering Storm to A World at War. There are no substantive changes to the Gathering Storm game rules.